Paul & Juliet Wilder

I had a detached retina on our honeymoon! My sight is now back to 95% of what is was - which is fantastic!

This is what they did to fix it!

Scleral Buckling
Scleral Buckling: It is the traditional way of operating retinal detachment. In this a plastic ( Silicone ) material may be attached to the outside wall of the eye (explant) or in dissected scleral flap ( implant) in such a way as to indent it, creating an internal hump, the scleral buckling. This holds the scarred area of the choroid against the detached retina, while the bond around the hole is hardening, The fluid beneath the retina may or may not be drained out by a cut through sclera.Ideally, the treated choroid and retina will lie so that the hole is on the buckle. The plastic band is left in the eye and is not visible and does not cause problem.


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