Paul & Juliet Wilder

The original rat that started us off was called Monster and he was great. But we then found out that you shouldn't keep just a single rat as they much prefer company. So we ended up with two massive cages, one containing Juliets rats and the other with mine, all male. She had Baby Bear, Chocolate, Fudge and Moley. I had Squirrel, Polar Bear and the twins Chip and Dale.

Sadly, Dale (left) our last surviving rat died of the ripe old age of nearly three several years ago. It's sad that such intelligent and friendly creatures live such short lives and have such bad PR amongst the majority of the human population. I think that if you can't keep a dog (too big, no times for walks, too expensive etc) then think about having a couple of rats instead. Now three sets of our friends keep rats, all because they saw how friendly and intelligent our Monster rattie was.

This photo (above right) of Chip and Dale was taken but not used by our local newspaper. Click [here] for the as published photo and article.


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