Paul & Juliet Wilder

Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th Sept 2004

After an inspired overnight stay by Guy as he was passing through, we decided at the last minute to go Kyaking on the Isle of Anglesea in Wales.

We booked a far too expensive, grotty hotel right on the coast of Holyhead for the Saturday night, but it was nice and close to Four Mile Bridge, where the Kayaking was held.

Sunday morning, we headed off early and met up with Guy at the campsite next to the river. Guy had done kayaking before, but we hadn't! Luckily, we both have our diving wet suits...

The morning was spent getting to grips with the basics on a large shallow flat lake. We got to play in the tidal mini-rapid under Four Mile Bridge, which was fun even though both Paul and Guy capsized once!

Now deemed experts (well the instructor thought Juliet was anyway!).... we headed off to the sea for something a bit more exciting...

Guy nearly drowned himself several times whilst rock hopping, Paul got knackered and Juliet got sea sick! But all in all, it was a lots of fun!

We also had a nice drive in the little Smart car though Snowdonia and the national park monuntains, which was very pretty.


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