Paul & Juliet Wilder

Juliet's latest weight loss article to hit the press!! :-)
The photo shoot was actually early last year however it's only just been published in the August 04 Issue of Marie Claire (UK).

[Click for larger pic]

Juliet lost 6 stone with Weightwatchers. She has appeared several times in the press as it is good advertising publicity for them!

Below is one of the online adverts showing the photo they used that ended up as a full page article on page 32 of The Sun newspaper in February 2003 - click [here] for a sort of web version of the page that the Newspaper created or click [here] for a scan of the actual newspaper article - which is readable if you squint hard enough!

Sun logo Online Sun Advert

She also had a small article in the 'M' Mirror magazine in May 03 - click [here] to see a scan.


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