Paul & Juliet Wilder

We both are involved in the organisation of Profound Decisions, a live role play company run by Matthew Pennington. Maelstrom came about when we finished running Omega LRP - more about that can be found here or you can find out more about Paul's long time history with Live Role Playing here.

Compact PDF versions of the character creation rules and event rules can be found at this PD players site here.

This PD players page links to all the main galleries of photos taken at PD events by various players and staff members.

2008 photos
In January we both attended a player run Gnoll event.
The first official PD event was at Easter and I only took a handful of photos, all from the warmth of GOD! These Celestal Gala photos are in my Facebook photo album.

2007 photos
In January we attended a player run event called Ceremonies. The Easter 2007 event was called Family Ties and features a short video I took too. The June event was called Coronation, the July event was Declaration and the September event was Harvest Time.

In July 2007 BBC3 ran a four part factual series that heavily featured us as a couple. Although it had nothing to do with LRP, since it's a big part of our lives they had to mention it! The footage was actually staged using PD players after time-out at one of the summer events from the year before. I've edited it here to just show you the LRP section but it is only 12 seconds long...

2006 photos
The Easter 2006 event was called Remembrance, followed by Shenanigans in June, Foundation in July and Matrimony in September. Also a week later there were publicity shots of Juliets PD character (who actually died during Matrimony!) taken for a magazine - see here.

2005 photos
We ran two PD related tavern nights Pioneer Day in Feb and Exhibition of Arms in October. The first official PD main event of 2005 was called Hootenanny, and was the first time for Juliet's newly bought Yurt - photos here. The next three were Prosperity (May) Reckonings (July), and Initations (Sept).

2003/4 photos
Click for some photos from the playtest and the first event Auguration (November 03 / Easter 04 respectively), for a couple from the second event click here and here or for some from the third event click here (Sept 04).

Paul is Profound Decision's Head Referee and rules lawyer

Paul as a ref
Juliet is PD's head weapon checker and the official PD 'LRP event consultant'(!), but spends all event after the first day playing. Her first character Sage Eliott died at an event in 2006 and she now plays Myah - a gnoll priest.

Juliet as Sage Elliot Juliet as Myah the gnoll


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